Heather is a queer mixed media visual artist, facilitator, end of life doula, and maker based in the unceded territories of the Kwantlen First Nations. She lives with over 40 house plants (plus various outdoor herbs and vegetables), 5 cats (Lucy, Chico, Burt, Etta, and Pearl), a dog (Bailey), her wonderful family, and myriad of fruit trees (fig, peach, persimmon, cornelian cherry, pear). When she isn't active in community projects, you can find her reading, hanging out with her best friend's baby, writing poetry, or tending to her space.

In all of her work, Heather aims to establish trust and connection and hopes to foster a safer space for those she works with. 

Currently, she is in the process of becoming certified as an expressive arts therapist.

Heather is always interested in collaborations, particularly in artistic mediums, so if you have an exciting idea, feel free to send her an email at heatherexpressivearts(at)gmail(dot)com.

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